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Press Release 28/5/19

ECHOES Maeve Binchy & Irish Writers 4th - 6th October, 2019 Dalkey Castle & Heritage Centre

Echoes 2019 Celebrating Community in Contemporary Writing in Ireland.

Maeve Binchy believed that shared experiences created and fostered communities. ECHOES 2019 explores the concept of community in contemporary writing in Ireland. Featuring an exciting and diverse line-up of writers, festival topics include our collective identity as an island nation, how real life is reflected in modern fiction, and the adventures of Irish writers abroad!

Saturday October 5th featuring: Chris Binchy *Andrea Carter * Fionn Davenport * Hazel Gaynor * Carlo Gebler* Christine Dwyer Hickey * Ibrahim Halawa * Róisín Ingle * Madeleine Keane * Cathy Kelly * Mary Pat Kelly * Olivia O'Leary * Lynn Ruane * Gordon Snell * Jo Spain *

Saturday 5th 9.30am-12.45pm and 2pm-5pm, Dalkey Castle & Heritage Centre

Full day ticket Early Bird (before September 15th) €45

Full day (from September 16th) €55

Half day (morning or afternoon) €30

(Booking fees apply)

Sunday October 6th 11am, Dalkey Castle & Heritage Centre

Maeve Binchy & Irish Writers Guided Walk. Tickets: €12.95

Other Friday and Sunday events to be announced!

Information and booking for all events at Booking via Eventbrite. Booking fees apply.

Founded in 2017, ECHOES proudly celebrates the life and work of Maeve Binchy and Irish writers.

Castle Street, Dalkey, County Dublin, Ireland

T +353 1 285 8366


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