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Echoes 2021

Saturday 2nd October, 9.15am - 5.00pm

Dalkey Castle & Heritage Centre



Full day €55
Half day (Morning - 9.15 - 12.45) €35

Half day (Afternoon - 14.00 - 17.00) €35

(Booking Fees Apply)

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Covid-19 Notice: Proof of Covid-19 Vaccination/Covid Certificate on entry to all events. Mask/face covering must be worn.

Maeve & Me… with Kathleen MacMahon

Writer Kathleen MacMahon’s personal reflection on Maeve Binchy’s influence and impact

Kathleen MacMahon.jpg

Kathleen MacMahon

Art, Meet Life

Patrick Freyne, Sarah Gilmartin and Sinéad Crowley talk to Neil Hegarty about the portfolio relationship between their lives and careers, and how life can inspire and influence writing.

Patrick Freyne.jpg

Patrick Freyne

Sarah Gilmartin.jpg

Sarah Gilmartin

Sinéad Crowley.jpg

Sinéad Crowley

Coffee Break
Circle of Friends

In a year when community and connection has come to mean so much, Ruth Fitzmaurice, Rosita Boland and Ian Robertson discuss the power of friendship and social connections with Sean O’Rourke.

Ruth Fitzmaurice.jpg

Ruth Fitzmaurice

Rosita Boland photo credit Brenda Fitzsimons.jpg

Rosita Boland


Ian Robertson


Clelia Murphy (Morning)

“ I thought everyone came from a place like this...

I thought this was the norm until I went to see the world and discovered that we were spoiled rotten. "

Maeve Binchy
Deirdre OKane.jpg

Deirdre O'Kane (Afternoon)

Stories from the Silence

Maeve Binchy was unafraid to tackle quite fierce topics in her writing. Following Dr Phil Mullen’s personal story, Caelainn Hogan, Rachael English and Turtle Bunbury discuss with Caroline Erskine why the hidden stories of Ireland’s past need to be shared, and how contemporary writers are making these voices heard.

Dr Philomena Mullen.JPG

Dr Philomena Mullen

Caelainn Hogan

Caelainn Hogan (credit Ruth Barry).jpg

Rachael English

Rachel English photo credit Eoin Rafferty.jpg
Turtle Bunbury headshot.jpeg

Turtle Bunbury

Clelia Murphy

Deirdre O'Kane


Clelia Murphy (Morning)

“ I don't have ugly ducklings turning into swans in my stories. I have ugly ducklings turning into confident ducks. "

Maeve Binchy
Deirdre OKane.jpg

Deirdre O'Kane (Afternoon)

Coffee Break
Heart and Soul

In conversation with Róisín Ingle, Sarah Maria Griffin, Anna Carey and Chris Binchy talk about the new generation of readers and writers connecting with Maeve Binchy

Sarah Maria Griffin.jpg

Sarah Maria Griffin

Anna Carey.JPG

Anna Carey

Chris Binchy (002).jpg

Chris Binchy

Remembering Maeve

Author, and Maeve’s cousin, Gillian Binchy shares some special memories.

Gillian Binchy.JPG

Gillian Binchy


Neil Hegarty

Neil Hegarty.jpg

Caroline Erskine

Caroline Erskine.jpg
9. Sean O'Rourke.jpg

Sean O’Rourke

Roisin Ingle

Roisin Ingle.jpg
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